Sunday, 12 July 2015

Trying to better myself - part 2

I don't have many sleepless nights but I did before my 9:30 interview for the school technician job. I had never bothered to buy a smart suit but Mrs H got me a new shirt and tie and made sure I wore them! "I don't want you looking untidy" was what she said.

It was the first proper interview I had ever had. I had prepared answers to all the questions that Mr T guessed they would ask me and I was pleased that almost all his predictions were correct. There was also a short practical test as well but after working in the factory the school test seemed really simple. There were three other people after the job so I was a bit surprised when it was offered to me. Looking back that was one of the most important days of my life.

It was strange leaving the factory for good after nearly 5 years. It was an all male environment and some of the staff were real "hard cases". The toughest were the few who had worked in the London Docks or in the Armed Forces and I was always polite to them! I gained a lot of practical skills to go with the knowledge I had picked up at school while I was working there and they were happy times.

The London Docks - a home for "hard men"!

On my last day at the factory they gave me a bicycle. I have often wondered exactly where they got it from as it was almost new and it must have been quite expensive. I used that bike for nearly 10 years before buying a new one.

I used to walk past the factory on my way home from my new job and sometimes I would pop in and have a word with the boss about the best way to do a particular job. He was always pleased to help me and it was good that he was able to come to my wedding.

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